Der Udonaut & Die Paniker

THE Udo-Lindenberg-Tribute thing. Musical excellence and professionalism meets the music of my youth. Stay tuned for dates on this very page!

10.12.2022 Juks/Schenefeld
10.12.2022 Juks/Schenefeld

25.04. 2023 - Hamburg, Pulverfass

30.06. 2023 - Hochstetten, Schloß Dhaun

05.07. 2023 - Meschede, Stiftsplatz

Rockin' the Downtown Blues Club/Hamburg, November 13th, 2019

The Artist formerly known as "Panikexperten"

Ship-christening MS4 in Kiel, June 5th 2015

Rockin' the Rieckhof/Hamburg, May 9th 2015

Comming up - Richie live

(Confirmed at this point of time):

04.03. HH Chattahoochee (Johnny B. Bad)

25.04. HH Pulverfass (Paniker)

30.06. Hochstetten (Paniker)

05.07. Meschede (Paniker)

What's up, Ridge?

Meeting (and rehearsing with) Udo Lindenberg


Dreams come true. Sometimes. Happened to me in May. No kidding', seriously!

Earlier this year I got a call from Andy, a guy who turned out to be a member of the „inner circle“ of Udo Lindenberg’s tour production team. In essence: „The artist wants to meet you, Richie! And bring your guitar...“.

Wait... WHAT?!? Fou...

So, this happened on May 1st:

I drove to Timmendorfer Strand, where UL and the Panikorchester were rehearsing for the tour ’22, and met all these icons I knew from concerts and articles and the telly. I met the man himself and we rehearsed his music all day long. Mark well: Not a tribute band, I was part of the real deal!

I met a totally friendly, overwhelmingly nice guy, professionally well informed about this Richie Jones he was making music with. A man who’s absolutely reflected and aware about his attribute being a national treasure, totally committed to make everybody in the room feel comfortable and easy, including himself.

Maybe the purpose of having me at a rehearsal was to check out some plan B on guitar players against the background of the pandemic.

Since the tour took place without any virus incident, you might ask: „Okay, now what’s next?!?“ Frankly, I dunno, but I keep dreaming of being part of Germany’s greatest Rock’n Roll circus. But whatever may come, hey, I’m already on the bright side of life. I played with Udo Lindenberg, he liked what he saw/heard, and nobody will ever take that away from me.

Surely, a dream came true…

Hamburg, May 2022

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What's up, Ridge?

"Meeting Udo Lindenberg" - Short Story.



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