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Guitar Department

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The Blue Ridge 1887

I built this one from a Fender Squier alder body (E-Series, from ca 85). Neck is a Göldo vintage maple (12" radius), Wilkinson VS100, and 2 humbuckers: In neck position Duncan's Lil' 59 (coil split via push/pull pot), and in bridge position the EVH signature pickup (yezzzz, the ltd ed with Ed's original sig).

For the assembly and the paint job I did, have a look at the "making of" below...

The making of...

Yamaha Pacifica USA 2

My companion since 1999. Together we went through (approx) 666 battles...

Gibson Les Paul Jimmy Page Signature

I struggle for words... Wall of sound, mighty voice, holy grail of resonance?

Let's put it this way: Tone, tone, tone...

Pedalboard Department


Yamaha MFC-10




1 - Ibanez Paul Gilbert Jet Flanger
2 - Korg Tuner
3 - Plutoneium Chi Wah Wah
4 - MXR Phase 90
5 - Kill Switch

Some notes:

The Ibanez Jet Flanger (1) has this cool "take-off"-switch, setting this thing in a self-oscillating mode, providing a whammy-like growl, or better yowl, if you like. Should I say scream...?

Best thing on the Plutoneium Chi Wah Wah (3) is you don't need to tramp on a switch to turn it on/off. You play it and it's on, you leave it, it's off. And yes, it screams... ;o)

The reason why I choose the MXR Phase 90 (4) is simply because Eddie did. A no-brainer, when I want some movement in the tone while soloing, on clean Hendrix-ish rhythm, or to make a little different sound when it comes to the refrain. Usually the speed setting is not as fast as shown in the pic.

The Kill Switch (5) simply sets the signal to ground, wich immediately interrupts the sound. It was intended to generate a stuttering guitar effect, but it doesn't work for me, since I can't manage my feet to work in micro-timing to the beat of the music. So for now, it just works as a down-shutter at the end of a song or if I need a moment of quietness to enjoy the pure swoosh/noise of the amp, haha!

The Yamaha MFC-10 switches the amp, wich does all the gain/distortion, the delay, and sometimes the chorus...

Amp Department

Yamaha DG80 on a 2x12" Mesa/Boogie Road Ready w/EV12L Speakers


This amp's from a 2x10" combo, and since I don't like the 10"s on a guitar, I gave it a new home in a wooden box my son's kept his toys in. The amp is kinda perfect for me. On one hand it's got a good base of the drive sounds that I need, it's programmable, and it has most of the gadgets I need, such as delay, chorus, as well as some I don't need (tremolo, reverb). I sorta endorse the Yamaha stuff, this thing makes perfect sense for me.

On the cabinet part, there's no compromising: The Mesa is way too big for a 2x12", and it's led-weight as fuck, and the Electro Voices intensify on the weight aspect! I'd rather carry a 4x12" Marsh than this monster, but it pays off big with every note I play through it. Powerful chords, sweet and/or screaming leads, stable bass and just the right mids and highs. It's crafted for endurance, too, it'll never let me down! This one will still be and stand it's ground when you and I are history, brother...

My newest toy, a 100 watts Plexi Marshall and 4x12 Marsh cab with Celestion G12-65

This is rock city, folks. A Marshall YJM100, basically a Plexi 100 watts without master volume (Modell 1959), but with modern gadgets:  FX-loop, reverb, a (well... quiet crappy) DOD overdrive  and, tadaaaah: Powerscaling, reducing the volume to bedroom level. This Marsh sounds so much warmer than most of the sewing machines I ran into the last 30+ years...

I run this fat boy together with my TC electronics G-System, so with this 1-channel amp I have about the same variety of sounds at hand as with a multi-channel amp setup. Also on this board I employ an MXR Phase 90 script, a Digitech Mosaic, a Source Audio Programmable EQ and a Fultone OCD (for an extra dose of thunder). But as with every guitar player, this is subject to change... ;o)

Comming up - Richie live:

08.10. - Festhalle Plauen (Paniker)

09.10. - Altes Theater Magdeburg (Paniker)

What's up, Ridge?


Just got back from a Sammy-gig at Downtown Blues Club in Hamburg, and I'm pumped with gratitude: Man, I just played with an amazing band, featuring guest contributions from Eckart Hofmann, who played with the likes of Eric Burdon, King Size Taylor, Tony Sheridan, Achim Reichel and Udo Lindenberg, and Michael V'delli (Rock'n'Blues powerhouse from Perth/Australia), who inspired me forming the 3-piece band Yonks. Whataband, whatablast! Sharing stage with these musicians makes me deeply grateful. These occasions not only make my day, they make music such an invaluable share of my life.

Enough words. Still:

Welcome the refugees (the few that keep coming), be good to yourself, stay calm and ROCK! \m/


Peace, Richie

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I added some pics from the Paniker's gig at the beloved Downtown Blues Club in Hamburg. More coming up...


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