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Guitar Department

Formentera Guitars - "LLUNA" (2018)

I built this one from scratch on my 3 week holidaze on the beautiful island of Formentera, and she's been my #1 go-to guitar ever since.

Check out the Ridge @ Formentera Guitars page!

The Blue Ridge 1887

I built this one from a Fender Squier alder body (E-Series, from ca 85). Neck is a Göldo vintage maple (12" radius), Wilkinson VS100, and 2 humbuckers: In neck position Duncan's Lil' 59 (coil split via push/pull pot), and in bridge position the EVH signature pickup (yezzzz, the ltd edition with Ed's original sig).

For the assembly and the paint job I did, have a look at the "making of" below...

The making of...

Yamaha Pacifica USA 2

My companion since 1999. Together we went through (approx) 666 battles...

Gibson Les Paul Jimmy Page Signature

I struggle for words... Wall of sound, mighty voice, holy grail of resonance?

Let's put it this way: Tone, tone, tone...

Pedalboard Department


Tour Board 2020/21: 

1 - Boss ES5 Switching Unit
 2 - Plutoneium Chi-Wah-Wah
 3 - Love Pedal Pickle Vibe
 4 - MXR Phase 95
 5 - Nobels ODR-Mini

 6 - Line6 Helix HX Stomp

 7 - Boss FS-5U

 8 - Seymour Duncan Power Stage 170

 9 - Boss FV-500H

10 - Line6 Relay G70

Not displayed/under the hood:

Yankee PS-M12 power supply

Radial Engineering IC-1 Ice Cube Line Isolator

(Guitar nerd mode - ON):

The heart of it all: Line6 HX Stomp (6). It takes care of the Amps, Drives, Delays, Reverbs, as well as the Cab (the PA only sees the Impulse Response IRs). It is switched by the Boss ES-5 via MIDI, and this one also gets the pre-drive pedals (3, 4, 5) in the path. Additional control is provided by a switch (7) for more or less Delay and a pedal (9), of wich I hardly take my foot off. This is my Solo-accelerator: Heel position is a "normal" rhythm setting, at the toe position I have more volume (+4 to 6db, ask the FOH guy), longer and louder reverb, more gain, more mids, and the delay goes from 5/8 to 4/4. All this is triggered by a move of my left foot, ha!

This is all fed into the PA with Cab-IRs, as well as without IRs into a power amp (8) and into a 4x12 Marshall (see below) or a 1x12 for smaller stages. No mics here, it's all for my own pleasure :o)

And since there was some space left on the board, I put a wireless on it (10). This prevents me from forgetting it at home.

Under the hood, you'd find a Yankee PS-M12 power supply and a Radial Engineering IC-1 Ice Cube Line Isolator.

(Guitar nerd mode - OFF):


And that's about it. This rig's small enough to fit into any car, simple enough to be set up in 10 minutes, and flexible enough to meet the requirements of all of my projects and needs.

Amp Department

Marshall YJM100 & Marshall 4x12" loaded with 70s Celestial G12-65

This is rock city, folks. A Marshall YJM100, basically a Plexi 100 watts without master volume (Modell 1959), but with modern gadgets:  FX-loop, reverb, a (well... quiet crappy) DOD overdrive  and, tadaaaah: Powerscaling, reducing the volume to bedroom level. This Marsh sounds so much warmer than most of the sewing machines I ran into the last 30+ years...

I run this fat boy together with my TC electronics G-System, so with this 1-channel amp I have about the same variety of sounds at hand as with a multi-channel amp setup. Also on this board I employ an MXR Phase 90 script, a Digitech Mosaic, a Source Audio Programmable EQ and a Fultone OCD (for an extra dose of thunder). But as with every guitar player, this is subject to change... ;o)

Comming up - Richie live

(Confirmed at this point of time):

08.7. Ratzeburger Sommer (Paniker)

09.7. Privat (JonesGang)

10.7. HH-Blankenese (Sammy singt H. Leip)

30.7. Altenebstorf (JonesGang)

06.8. Open Air Bendorf Kirchplatz (Paniker)

13.8. HH Chattahoochee (Johnny B. Bad)

25.8. Hollenbek (Paniker)

What's up, Ridge?


Ah, I'll get straight to the point:

Get your vaccination, if you haven't yet. And if you have: <3

This is Christmas time, and how could you show your appreciation more than giving your respect to the society by helping to fight coronavirus.

And as I'm talking xmas:

Welcome the refugees (the few that keep coming), be good to yourself, stay calm and ROCK! \m/


Peace, Richie

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