Sammy's Saloon

My gateway to the 60s! I became a member of this well-known country/oldie/rock institution around 2000. Sammy was part of the Hamburg beat scene that evolved from the Beatles' appearance at the Indra, Top10, and finally Star-Club. I learned so much from this man, and I respect him as my somehow "Hamburg scene dad", hahaha! His band back then were the very well known Dirty Dogs, and it's great to listen to his stories from the Reeperbahn, stories full of music, rebellion, sin, booze, Rock'n Roll. Being 50+, it's a funny feeling to become the young greenhorn when we join on stage because this guy next to me is well above 70. No use fakin' it, this man can tell, 'cause this man's through it before!

We are joined by Wolfgang Csenteri, my mate from Yamaha on the drums, and just recently by Jason Jones from JonesGang's hall of fame.

Some impressions from our gig at Downtown Bluesclub, Hamburg, late November 2014. There's more to find on YouTube, folks!

Comming up - Richie live:

03.06.2018 - Sammy's Saloon w/Vdelli

                      Hamburg, Landhaus Walter

09.06.2018 - JonesGang

                      Osnabrück, Alando

15.06.2018 - JonesGang

                      Stade, Altstadtfest

What's up, Ridge?

September 19th 2016

I'm a bit excited 'bout a new project: Some years ago (I guess it was 2013) my good friend Sammy saw a YONKS performance at the Logo Hamburg and came up with the idea to cooperate with him on a Sammy/Yonks'ish kinda band with german lyrics. We developed (from scratch) and recorded some of these sailor/pirate-inspired songs a couple of weeks ago at Alex Mackenrott's place, not really knowing where this would lead us to. After listening to the results I must say, we came up with some fine, very special aural pearls I'd like to describe as "Sailor Heavy Rock". Holy shit, I'm proud of 'em, and I'm grateful Sammy called us! Now we're thinking of how to get this to you out there. Of course I'll keep ya posted!

Until then, welcome the refugees (the few that keep coming), stay calm and ROCK! \m/


Peace, Richie

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