Der Udonaut & Die Paniker

THE Udo-Lindenberg-Tribute thing. Musical excellence and professionalism meets the music of my youth. Stay tuned for dates on this very page!

26.02. 2022 - Downtown Bluesclub Hamburg   Verschoben, Termin folgt!

27.05. 2022 - Papenburg

08.07. 2022 - Ratzeburg Sommer

06.08. 2022 - Open Air Bendorf Kirchplatz

Rockin' the Downtown Blues Club/Hamburg, November 13th, 2019

The Artist formerly known as "Panikexperten"

Ship-christening MS4 in Kiel, June 5th 2015

Rockin' the Rieckhof/Hamburg, May 9th 2015

Comming up - Richie live

(Confirmed at this point of time):


27.5. Papenburg (Paniker)

28.5. Chattahoochee HH (Johnny B. Bad)

08.7. Ratzeburger Sommer (Paniker)

06.8. Open Air Bendorf Kirchplatz (Paniker)

What's up, Ridge?


Ah, I'll get straight to the point:

Get your vaccination, if you haven't yet. And if you have: <3

This is Christmas time, and how could you show your appreciation more than giving your respect to the society by helping to fight coronavirus.

And as I'm talking xmas:

Welcome the refugees (the few that keep coming), be good to yourself, stay calm and ROCK! \m/


Peace, Richie

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I added some pics from the Paniker's gig at the beloved Downtown Blues Club in Hamburg. More coming up...


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