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Present (excerpt):


Rock, Oldies, Cover from Hamburg/Lüneburg

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Hard 'n Heavy Rock from Hamburg Rock City

A 3-piece coverband doing chartbreakers from Lady Gaga, the Sugarbabes, Christina Aguillera, Madonna, and the such.

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Johnny B. Bad

'A Crash Course in Rock' is the slogan, and that's what you'll get. All the ever-hits, stripped down to a three-lads-firework. 60ies going shred, the 70ies un-glamed, 80ies over-glamed, the 3rd millenium re-glamed. There's a song you haven't heard of? Get outta here!!!

Die Paniker

Udo Lindenberg Cover project, started in 2014. All the hits and more. Expect a big show and a mighty band...


Sammy's Saloon

Country music with a bite since... I dunno. Ages, ha! I joined in 2000.




Hard Rock Band from the 90s, released a cd on Rats Records in '93. Had a 2nd attempt in 2008/09 for some charity shows.

Comming up - Richie live:

13.11.2019 - Die Paniker

                      Downtown Blues Club Hamburg

29.11.2019 - Yonks (supporting V'delli)

                      Downtown Blues Club Hamburg

14.12.2019 - JonesGang

                      Die Tränke Oldenburg 

28.12.2019 - Johnny B. Bad

                      Chattahoochee Hamburg

What's up, Ridge?


Just got back from a Sammy-gig at Downtown Blues Club in Hamburg, and I'm pumped with gratitude: Man, I just played with an amazing band, featuring guest contributions from Eckart Hofmann, who played with the likes of Eric Burdon, King Size Taylor, Tony Sheridan, Achim Reichel and Udo Lindenberg, and Michael V'delli (Rock'n Blues powerhouse from Perth/Australia), who inspired me forming the 3-piece band Yonks. Whataband, whatablast! Sharing stage with these musicians makes me... yeah, above: grateful. These occasions not only make my day, they make music such an invaluable share of my life.

Enough words. Still:

Welcome the refugees (the few that keep coming), be good to yourself, stay calm and ROCK! \m/


Peace, Richie

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