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All by myself...

The creation of music is a process of several steps, bringing together different pieces of the puzzle. From the spark of a notional idea wandering in your head (often triggered by the heart) to the audible opus that meets the ear (and -hopefully- triggers the heart in retour) it is a multi-tasky, multi-scientific and multi-technical challenge, and I've always been interested in every aspect. So, here's a selection of recordings that I'm not only been involved in the making (in terms of playing guitar/bass, singing, programming the drums/synths and recording/producing), but I also did the writing (with the exception of the classical poem of Hermann Hesse's "Gestutzte Eiche", wich I dared to accompany with music and an extra refrain with my own lyrics).


Cover me...

I sometimes catch myself thinking "Hell yeah, that's an epic song, but I would have done it different!". Or I'm curious to find out if I could've done it at all! In either way, the word is up then and I'm enforced to deliver. So, the following pieces of music are different from the original, whether I was intending or pretending...

For some reason the audio-stream stops after 5min of playing. So, if you want to listen to my music all the way through, go here for the all by myself- section, and here for the cover- section.

Copyright issues:

  • Gestutzte Eiche poem written by Hermann Hesse
  • River deep, mountain high written by Phil Spector / Jeff Barry / Ellie Greenwich
  • Across the universe written by John Lennon / Paul McCartney
  • Frozen written by Madonna / Patrick Leonard
  • Time written by David Gilmour / Nick Mason / Richard Wright / Roger Waters
  • I turn to you written by Melanie Chisholm, Rick Nowels, Billy Steinberg
  • ...
  • The Machine, Personal Bible, Chains & Ties, To You At Last written by Roland Milke
  • Gestutzte Eiche music and refrain's lyrics written by Roland Milke



Comming up - Richie live:

Monday - Stay the fuck at home

Tuesday - Stay the fuck at home

Wednesday - Stay the fuck at home

Thursday - Stay the fuck at home

Friday - Stay the fuck at home

Saturday - Stay the fuck at home

Sunday - Day off


What's up, Ridge?


Just got back from a Sammy-gig at Downtown Blues Club in Hamburg, and I'm pumped with gratitude: Man, I just played with an amazing band, featuring guest contributions from Eckart Hofmann, who played with the likes of Eric Burdon, King Size Taylor, Tony Sheridan, Achim Reichel and Udo Lindenberg, and Michael V'delli (Rock'n'Blues powerhouse from Perth/Australia), who inspired me forming the 3-piece band Yonks. Whataband, whatablast! Sharing stage with these musicians makes me deeply grateful. These occasions not only make my day, they make music such an invaluable share of my life.

Enough words. Still:

Welcome the refugees (the few that keep coming), be good to yourself, stay calm and ROCK! \m/


Peace, Richie

Update log - The latest enhancements:


I added some pics from the Paniker's gig at the beloved Downtown Blues Club in Hamburg. More coming up...


The guestbook is back! I had to take it off due to massive spam issues. Now, YOU can drop me some lines here!


Added some pics here and there, mostly on the Fomentera-and JonesGang- pages.


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